John Rusimbi, book author

Former member of Parliament John Rusimbi was yesterday elected President of the newly established Rwanda’s Book Industry Federation.

The federation brings together different stakeholders in book production and promotion namely book authors, publishers, librarians, book sellers, designers and illustrators.

John Rusimbi is internationally acclaimed for his novels that are sold on Amazon including ‘By the Time she Returned’ and ‘The Hyena’s Wedding’ on refugees and the Genocide against the Tutsi, respectively.

In an interview with, Rusimbi said, “Book authors, publishing houses, libraries, book shops, designers and illustrators all now feed into the book industry which improves the quality of books as it eases coordination.”

“Yes together we can. Rwanda Book Industry can only prosper if all stakeholders with the support of the Gouvernment are determined to work together and have their country at heart!”, added Prof Malonga Pacifique, member of the audit committee.

John Rusimbi was, towards the end of June 2022, elected to head the Pan-African Writers Association in a ceremony held at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria.

Those who voted for him stressed that they recognize his skills and the fact that he will use his international experience for the betterment of the book industry in Rwanda.

The new board of the The Book Industry Federation comprises the following members:

Executive Committee

President: John Rusimbi
First Vice President: Rurangwa Jean Marie Vianney
Second Vice President: Mutesi Gasana
Secretary General: Dominique Alonga Uwera
Treasurer: Mudacumura Fiston

Conflict Resolutions Committee
President: Dr Kalimba Peter
Vice President: Dr Gahima Charles
Secretary: Migambi Victor

Audit Committee
President: Basengo Munyaburanga
Vice President: Prof Malonga Pacifique
Secretary: Uwera Jane

Members of the first board of Rwanda’s Book Industry Federation
John Rusimbi is a reknowned book author