The 69-year-old Kremlin leader (left) is believed to have two secret sons with the Olympic gold-winning rhythmic gymnast (right) - once dubbed 'the most flexible woman in Russia'

Vladimir Putin is ‘expecting a daughter’ with his ex-gymnast ‘lover’ Alina Kabaeva despite the Russian President claiming he ‘has enough children as it is’, according to a new report.

The 69-year-old Kremlin leader is believed to already have two secret sons with the Olympic gold-winning rhythmic gymnast, once dubbed ‘the most flexible woman in Russia’.

Kabaeva was pictured pregnant in 2015 and a report later claimed a boy was born in secrecy in Switzerland the same year, according to a source linked to the obstetrician who was at the birth.

Meanwhile, the gymnasts’ second son was delivered in Moscow in 2019 with the same specialist flying to Russia for the birth, according to an investigation by Swiss broadsheet newspaper Sonntagszeitung.

Putin, who will be 70 this year, has denied a relationship with the 39-year-old since 2007. He has hidden his alleged secret family from voters and was not present at either of the births.

However, the couple are now reportedly expecting a baby girl together, according to the General SVR Telegram channel – a web account said to be run by Kremlin insiders.

The post read: ‘We have already reported that Alina Kabaeva, the cohabitant of the President of Russia, is pregnant. Yesterday the sex of the unborn child became known – this is a girl.’

However, the Russian President was said to be unimpressed as the post went on to say the news ‘did not at all please the future father and president of Russia’, reports The Sun.

The same report claimed that when Putin was told of the news, he grumbled: ‘I have enough children as it is, and had enough daughters long ago’.

Vladimir Putin is ‘expecting a daughter’ with his ex-gymnast ‘lover’ Alina Kabaeva (pictured) despite the Russian President claiming he ‘has enough children as it is’, according to a new report

The account also claimed that Kabaeva was pregnant back in May.

A post read: ‘Putin found out his mistress is yet again pregnant — and by the looks of it this wasn’t planned.’

Kabaeva was last seen a month ago in Black Sea resort Sochi at a rhythmic gymnastics training camp with 28 children.

News outlet Moskovsky Komsomolets commented that she had ‘lost quite a lot of weight.’

They said: ‘Alina loves expensive stylish outfits, which, being the head of the National Media Group, she can afford

‘Alina talked with the children in white trousers, a lilac long sleeve [blouse] and a matching cardigan.

‘The tanned star covered her eyes with stylish white-framed sunglasses. ‘

Her fleeting appearance is only the second this year, and journalists failed to ask her about being sanctioned and the reason behind it – her links to Putin.

Earlier in the war, there were claims Kabaeva was hiding in a Swiss bolthole, or even a hi-tech Siberian ‘underground city bunker’.

It was the first time she has been out in public since April when she recorded a militaristic and patriotic TV extravaganza involving children, and appeared with youngsters at Moscow’s Tomb of the Unknown Soldier to commemorate the dead from World War Two.

A pregnant Kabaeva was pictured in 2015, sparking rumours she was going to bear Putin’s child

Despite Putin’s penchant for long-winded interviews, press conferences and televised speeches, the 69-year-old has always remained private about his family life – in particular, his children.

The Russian President has previously said: ‘I have a private life in which I do not permit interference. It must be respected.’

He deplored ‘those who with their snotty noses and erotic fantasies prowl into others’ lives’.

Putin has never publicly acknowledged having any kids, though it is common knowledge that he shares two daughters with his ex-wife — Maria, 37, and Katerina, 35 – both from first wife Lyudmila Putina, from whom the president separated in 2013 after 30 years of marriage.

Putin shares two children with his ex-wife Lyudmila Putina, born Lyudmila Shkrebneva, whom he met in the early 1980s at the then Leningrad State University. The couple married on 28 July 1983, with their first daughter Maria being born in April 1985
Groom Vladimir Putin and his bride Lyudmila Shkrebneva on their wedding day in 1983

Dr Maria Vorontsova, also known as Maria Faassen, is Putin’s first child and the eldest daughter of two shared with his ex-wife.

Born Maria Vladimirovna Putina she is named after Putin’s mother, Maria Ivanovna Shelomova, and seemed destined to be a scientist from the start.

She is an expert in rare genetic diseases in children and a leading researcher at the National Medical Research Center for Endocrinology of the Ministry of Health of Russia.

She was married to Dutch businessman Jorrit Faas

However exiled editor Roman Dobrokhotov, of The Insider – an investigative outlet banned for its investigations of alleged Kremlin corruption – and Russian investigative journalist Sergey Kanev claimed Vorontsova had now split from Faassen.

Kanev did not give further details of when they parted, but it is believed to have been before the war started.

Faassen, who is known to have worked long term in Russia at Gazprombank-Invest and Stroytransgaz.

His father is believed to have been a colonel in the Dutch armed forces.

Putin’s Dutch son-in-law once said: ‘I am married to a Russian woman and have children, I will leave it at that.’

sen with whom she shares a child – making the Russian President a grandfather.

A teenage Maria is pictured here with friends in an undated photo

Meanwhile, her divorced sister Katerina Tikhonova, born Yekaterina Vladimirovna Putina, is the second child of the Russian President and the younger sister of Maria.

Katerina dropped the surname Putina, opting instead to take on the patronymic surname of her maternal grandmother, Yekaterina Tikhonovna Shkrebneva.

She was born in August 1986 and attended the same schools in East Germany and Moscow as her sister, but took up a drastically different set of interests.

Although the 35-year-old is now a director for the Institute for Mathematical Research of Complex Systems at Moscow State University and also studied at St Petersburg State University, Katerina is arguably best-known for her success as a rock ‘n roll dancer.

Katerina became a member of Russia’s Council for the Development of Physical Culture and Mass Sports back in 2019, and has also played a key role in the development of acrobatic rock ‘n roll dancing – something which has long been a niche discipline.

For years, Putin’s second daughter served as the vice president for expansion and marketing at the World Rock and Roll Confederation (WWRC) – the body which organises competitions in the discipline worldwide.

Katerina was previously married to Kirill Shamalov – part-owner of SIBUR Holding, a Russian petrochemicals company – and son of the co-owner of one of Russia’s largest banks.

The couple divorced in 2018, when it was revealed that they shared assets of around $2 billion.

Putin is also suspected of having third child, Luiza Rozova, 18, following an alleged extra-martial relationship- though she has never formally been acknowledged by the Russian President.

Luiza is the daughter of cleaner-turned-multimillionaire Svetlana Krivonogikh, 45, now a part-owner of a major Russian bank and one of the country’s wealthiest women.

The Russian leader is thought to have had an affair with Krivonogikh, and Rozova herself has admitted to Russian GQ that she ‘probably looks similar’ to a young Putin.

Krivonogikh has never commented on claims that her daughter was fathered by the Kremlin strongman.

Rozova, who had 84,000 followers on Instagram, stopped publicly posting five months ago when suspicions of Russian troop build-up on the Ukrainian border were first raised, triggering the suspicion that Putin had gagged her – though her account remained visible until last week.

Now a message says in Russian: ‘User not found.’

Source: Daily Mail.